ACE Sessions in Winter 2023

ACE Problem Solving Sessions are held in-person & remotely in Winter 2023, consistent with campus policy; see the session schedule below for further details.

Please read before applying to ACE

  • ACE session(s) are supplementary to lecture course(s). They are not listed in your portal’s schedule of classes.
  • Attendance at both ACE problem solving sessions each week of the quarter is required.
  • Attendance at ACE mentoring sessions once per week is required.
  • If you cannot attend ACE session meetings for the entire quarter, you cannot participate in the ACE session.

Applications are accepted from

  • Undergraduate students enrolled in STEM courses currently supported by ACE
  • Priority is given to students with majors in the Physical & Biological Sciences Division or the Baskin School of Engineering. EOP students, and previous ACE students also receive priority.

ACE Winter 2023 Session Schedule

  • Please only apply for ACE Session(s) that match the courses you are enrolled in for the Winter 2023 quarter.
  • You may participate in up to 2 different ACE sessions each quarter.
Winter 2023ACE Application

Winter 2023 Application Deadline: Friday December 9th at 6:00pm (mark your calendar here)

How To Request Application Edits & Add/Drop/Swap ACE Sessions

You may request edits to the session selections made on your application or add/drop/swap ACE sessions using the form below. Add/drop/swap requests will be accepted up until the add/drop/swap date of the given quarter. In the case of a drop or swap, please notify your session leader either in session or via email in addition to filling out the add/drop/swap form.

IMPORTANT TIP: Google Forms work best when submitting on a computer. Make sure you’re signed in with only your UCSC email and signed out of all personal gmail accounts.

What to expect after you apply:

  • After submitting your application, you will receive an automatic email confirmation with a copy of your application submission. NOTE: If you do not receive this automatic email confirmation, it means you did not hit “submit” after filling out the application. You will need to then fully submit your application correctly in order for it to be processed.
  • If you would like to make changes to your application, please use the ACE Application Edit & Session Add Drop Swap form above.
  • You will receive an application update email approximately 3-4 days after submitting your application.